Hatched on Planet R-bit (officially Planet R.ib.bit, third planet on the left from Xerbix 319) Kricky The Alien Frog is one of one zillion-gajillion frogs hatched at the Frogatorium Emporium.

One day, a war broke out when a strange metallic beast with a broken heart landed on Planet R-bit, but Kricky had a sneaky suspicion this Broken Heart Robot wasn't a threat to his planet, so he hopped aboard the robot's ship (more like stowed-away!) and traveled thru two whole solar systems before they crash landed on a tiny little planet known as Earth!

Where To Buy

Kricky The Alien Frog will be available at most all of the usual urban vinyl/ indie art toy boutiques and comic book stores. We are currently working on additional colorways of Kricky as well as custom artist versions. As soon as details have been solidified, we will post them here!

Following is a very partial list at some of the retailers who have already expressed interest in carrying Kricky The Alien Frog:

Meltdown Comics


Munky King



Missing Link Toys

My Plastic Heart

Thee Basket BOOtique

Strange Kiss

Free Bento

Designer ToyBox

Little Dog Vinyl


Wholesale Inquires

For wholesale info please contact DKE TOYS at dkelemer [at] aol dot com

Additional Info

The Kricky The Alien Frog character was conceived and designed by Craig Anthony Perkins, a musician, photographer, designer, author and toy maker. Craig is the founder and creative director of GENSHI:TOY a division of Genshi Media Group.

Kricky The Alien Frog is manufactured by ThreeZero in Hong Kong. The final product is a 3 1/2 inch vinyl figure with removalable head and windowed box packaging.

For additional information, please contact us at info [at] genshi-toy [dot] com


News Updates:

Kricky The Alien Frog Available Here!

22 November 10 / Vinyl Toy

Kricky The Alien Frog can now be order directly from this site (in very limited quantities.)

All 3 varieties of Kricky can be ordered here; the original two-toned Green Kricky at $24.95, the Glow-In-The-Dark Kricky at $24.95 (limited to 100 pieces) and for those of you that love to customize your vinyl toys, a Blank White Kricky at $24.95 (limited to 50 pieces; exclusive to this site only!)

Please go to our webstore to order now while supplies last!

/ Link

Kricky The Alien Frog Released!

17 October 09 / Vinyl Toy

GENSHI:TOY is proud to announce the release of Kricky The Alien Frog.

Kricky will initially be available in 3 varieties; the original two-toned Green Kricky at $29.95, the Glow-In-The-Dark Kricky at $29.95 (limited to 100 pieces) and for those of you that love to customize your vinyl toys, a Blank White Kricky at $24.95 (which will be sold through this site exclusively starting soon!)

Please contact your favorite vinyl toy retailer and ask for "Kricky The Alien Frog" by name!

/ Link

Kricky Is Out Of Manufacturing!

28 August 09 / Vinyl Toy

I just received word from my manufacturer, ThreeZero, that Kricky The Alien Frog is officially out of manufacturing! The cases will be put on a ship from Hong Kong next week and should arrive at my distributor's door step in a couple of weeks after that.

Below are a few photos ThreeZero sent of Kricky... fresh off the factory floor!

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Kricky Packaging Design

11 July 09 / Packaging Design

After a furious 4 days of back and forth design edits, I present to you, the final packaging design for Kricky The Alien Frog! A very big thank you goes out to Matthew Manos for all of his hard work and putting up with the pressure of an insane deadline! You really pulled through Matt!

/ Link

Sneak Peak of the Master Mold

22 June 09 / Vinyl Toy

The manufacturer of Kricky, ThreeZero, have just sent me a little video of the master mold. This showcases how the head comes off and fits either frontwards or backwards.

From this master mold, the production mold will be made and then the first vinyl sample. If we get this sample in time, it may be shown at the San Diego Comic Con this year!

Addtional photos of the master mold:

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New [re]Sculpt and Wax Pattern

02 June 09 / Vinyl Toy

Photos on the progress of Kricky have arrived from our manufacturer, ThreeZero. This is the new re-sculpt of Kricky...

... and this is the Wax Pattern made from the sculpt.

From this Wax Pattern, the master mold will be made. / Link

Officially In Production

13 May 09 / Vinyl Toy

It's been a long time coming, but I am happy to announce that Kricky is officially in production! Over the next couple of weeks and months we will be posting photos of the manufacturing process to whet your appetite.

This initial run will be a very limited edition run of less than 500 pieces and will consist of the Original Green Kricky and another secret colorway (to be revealed just before launch.) If it does well, we will be creating an additional 4 (at least) colorways as part of the Series One collection. Stay tuned here for updated information! / Link

New Colorway Tests

04 March 08 / Vinyl Toy

It looks like Kricky is finally nearing production after a long string of set-backs and personal/family tragedies. But we're back in talks with the manufacturer, refining the prototype and coming up with new colorways! These colorways will be considered for the Series One version of Kricky. If Series One does well, then Series Two will have some special guest surprises! / Link

Kricky's Secret Revealed! (Part 1)

02 July 06 / Vinyl Toy

With his two faces both front and back, Kricky The Alien Frog also has the ability to swap his head-face with other Kricky colorways as revealed in this little animation--> / Link

Kricky Sculpt in Progress!

01 July 06 / Process

Kricky The Alien Frog is currently being sculpted by our manufacturer ThreeZero. The final prototype will be shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International at the DKE Toys booth, number 4730.

More info coming soon... / Link

Kricky 3D Model

13 March 06 / Process

The beginnings of Kricky The Alien Frog have taken shape with the modeling of Kricky using the SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3D modeling package. The following images will give an idea of what Kricky is all about! (make sure to keep clicking to get to the quicktime turn-around movie of Kricky) --> / Link