Hatched on Planet R-bit (officially Planet R.ib.bit, third planet on the left from Xerbix 319) Kricky The Alien Frog is one of one zillion-gajillion frogs hatched at the Frogatorium Emporium.

One day, a war broke out when a strange metallic beast with a broken heart landed on Planet R-bit, but Kricky had a sneaky suspicion this Broken Heart Robot wasn't a threat to his planet, so he hopped aboard the robot's ship (more like stowed-away!) and traveled thru two whole solar systems before they crash landed on a tiny little planet known as Earth!

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Kricky The Alien Frog - 3 1/2 Vinyl Figure with Removable Head and Windowed Box Packaging - NEW!

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The Kricky The Alien Frog character was conceived and designed by Craig Anthony Perkins, a musician, photographer, designer, author and toy maker. Craig is the founder and creative director of GENSHI:TOY a division of Genshi Media Group.

Kricky The Alien Frog is manufactured by ThreeZero in Hong Kong. The final product is a 3 1/2 inch vinyl figure with removalable head and windowed box packaging.

For additional information, please contact us at info [at] genshi-toy [dot] com


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Kricky The Alien Frog - Original Green

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Kricky The Alien Frog - Glow In The Dark

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Kricky The Alien Frog - Blank White

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